(Preowned) Batman graphic novel 
Please note this is preowned and may show signs of wear and tear.
Brought to you by Titan Books: 

1st printing. Collects Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #3, Detective Comics Annual #8, Batman Annual #19, and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #5. Written by Alan Grant, Chuck Dixon, and Doug Moench. BATMAN: FOUR OF A KIND investigates the origins and psyches of a quartet of the Dark Knight's greatest and most twisted adversaries. In separate tales of adventure and suspense, Batman faces off against the sinister Scarecrow, the lunacy of the Riddler, the horror of the Man-Bat, and the seduction of Poison Ivy. But as he takes on the demented villainy of each of these foes, the Caped Crusader must employ different mental capabilities and physical strengths to defeat four criminals who share an intense and palpable disdain for him.

Batman Four of a Kind Graphic novel (Preowned)

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