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Flip-Book - Batman and Two-Face face off against one another across the decades in BATMAN: TWO-FACE STRIKES TWICE. This special 'flip-book' miniseries contains two related encounters between Batman and his duality-obsessed adversary, Two-Face, with two exciting covers on each issue! The stories in BATMAN: TWO-FACE STRIKES TWICE are presented in two distinct styles, with the first half of each issue a tribute to the Batman stories of the Golden Age, adopting the classic style of that era to chronicle one of the Dark Knight's earliest encounters with Two-Face. On the 'flip side' of each issue is a sequel to the Golden Age tale, set in the present day and directly related to the earlier story. The original Robin, Dick Grayson, is featured in the Golden Age story, while Tim Drake, the current Robin, co-stars in the modern story. Written by Mike W. Barr, with art on the Golden Age story by Joe Staton, and cover by Dick Sprang. The modern day sequence features painted art and cover by Daerick Gross.

Batman Two Face Strikes Twice Book One & Two TPB Graphic Novel (Preowned)

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