Preowned Superman book 
Please note this is preowned and may show signs of wear and tear.
Brought to you by DC:

When Doctor Wayne and Mrs. Wayne find a baby (Kal-El) in some kind of rocket, they take him up and raise him as their own. They name him Bruce and teach him respect for all people. Regardless of social class or race. Martha Wayne cultivated his heart and nurtured him with an unconditional love that shaped his soul. Doctor Thomas Wayne was a kind and compassionate father, despite his emotional reserve. He understood the power of Kal-El -- So quick, so agile: never a bruised or broken bone -- but he was more concerned with testing Bruce's Mental limits than his physical ones. He told Bruce "The cowards and bullies use violence, but you -- of all who live -- must aspire to something better. Something Higher."

Superman Speeding Bullets TPB Graphic Novel (Preowned)

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