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MacReady and Childs trudge through the Antarctic wastes looking for a way out of their seemingly fatal predicament. Eventually, MacReady passes out, and Childs continues without him, but MacReady is found and picked up by the crew of a Japanese research ship. After quickly making sure he isn't infected, MacReady steals the ship's helicopter and flies back to the remains of Outpost 31, though in doing so exhausts the helicopter's meagre fuel supply. Knowing that the explosions probably didn't destroy everything in the camp, MacReady quickly sets to destroying the remains of the Blair-Thing, Nauls, Copper and Clark, and is about to destroy the remains of another Thing (apparently the Split Face or Kennel-Thing), but before he can do so is stopped by the arrival of an American military unit, who quickly assume that MacReady went insane, destroyed the outpost and killed everyone there. Before leaving the outpost's remains however, one of the marines, Pybus foolishly touches the remains of the Thing that MacReady was about to destroy.

Minutes later, the team and MacReady are about to be picked up, when Pybus suddenly transforms, slaughters most of the unit and destroys the helicopter, before MacReady and the squad leader, Erskine are able to destroy the Pybus-Thing with a grenade. The two reluctantly agree to team up and drag the two survivors (one of Erskine's squad, and the helicopter pilot) to a nearby Argentinian base. During the journey the marine dies, and then MacReady and Erskine get lost thanks to MacReady giving Erskine misleading directions, which results in a fight between them. Before they can seriously hurt each other however, a team from the Argentinian base arrives, with Childs being among them.

The Thing From Another World Complete Set (Preowned)

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